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To Brussels and back in less than 3 hours: Transplant Live
ESOT is proud to announce yet another innovation at the upcoming Congress: in case you cannot make it to Brussels in September, you will still be able to catch selective bits of inspiring content through 5 interactive online shows at ESOT Brussels 2015. An exciting experience you will not soon forget. Free of charge.
Gabriel Oniscu, member of the our Scientific Program Committee
invites you to attend
Global warming in transplantation:
Improving the organ quantity and quality
Monday, 14 September, 9:00 - 11:00
Storing on ice is still the gold standard to safeguard our organs, despite the fact it can damage precious tissues. Therefore a lot of effort is put into advancing organ preservation methods. This will not only yield more and higher-quality organs, it will also buy us more time. Will there soon be a way to protect our reasures forever?
In this session you will meet:    
Philip Dutkowsky from Zurich, Switzerland, developed a promising technique to deliver oxygen into liver tissue with a machine, carefully using low pressure and low temperature. Herewith he significantly improves cold preservation of the organs.
Gabriel Oniscu living in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, works on a method to improve organ transplants from non-heart beating donors. Because these organs are more susceptible to damage, he uses oxygenated warm donor blood to restore their energy prior to removal for transplantation.
Martin Strueber from Grand Rapids, USA, developed a new technique for lung transplants that uses smaller incisions within the rib space. This makes it much easier for patient to breathe. Besides he helps patients who have to wait for a donor with a 'mechanical heart'.
Korkut Uygun works in Boston, USA, on a technique to preserve transplant organs by creating a chemical buffer zone around the organ’s cells in order to “supercool” them. This creates a longer window of time to reach their destination. How cool!
09:10 - 10:40 STATE OF THE ART 1: Global warming in transplantation
Chair Diethard Monbaliu, Leuven, Belgium
09.10 Cool is beautiful
Philipp Dutkowski, Zurich, Switzerland
09.30 Can we escape global warming?
Gabriel Oniscu, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
09.50 Keeping the heart warm and the lungs breathing
Martin Strueber, Grand Rapids, United States
10.10 The down of the new ice age
Korkut Uygun, Boston, United States
10.30 Q&A
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