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Not to be missed @ ESOT 2015, on Sunday, 13 September
Lisa Burnapp EDTCO Chair invites you to attend the

EDTCO Organ Donation Meeting

Can we really meet the challenge of making deceased donation the norm at the end of life?
In the EDTCO symposium, we have invited speakers from across Europe to create a masterclass in the clinical, moral and logistical aspects of this all important question.

Hear the latest expert opinion on end of life care; listen to the views from communication experts, donor families and transplant recipients on what really win hearts and minds in the world of advertising and public engagement; contribute to interactive sessions on family approach and enter the moral maze of ethical debate. There is something for everyone in our all day symposium- make sure you are part of the discussion.

  Sunday, September 13, 2015 09.00 – 16.00
Session 1: Donation at the end of life: what do we do well and what could we do better?
Paul Murphy Axel Rahmel Daniel de Backer Stephan Eschertzhuber
09.00 Lessons learned from ACCORD
Beatriz Dominguez-Gil, Madrid, Spain
Paul Murphy, Leeds, United Kingdom
09.20 Engaging intensive care professionals in deceased donation:
What can the transplant community do?
Axel Rahmel, Frankfurt, Germany
09.35 What can professional societies do?
Daniel de Backer, European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, Brussels, Belgium
09.50 What can individuals do?
Stephan Eschertzhuber, Innsbruck, Austria
10.05 - 10.25 Audience and speakers discussion  
Session 2: Family approach: theory into practice
Family approach: the way I do it when…

  Paolo Maia Teresa Pont Tineke Wind Anna Faucher
10.40 Brain death criteria are met
Paolo Maia, Porto, Portugal
10.55 Brain death is expected, but has not occurred yet
Teresa Pont, Barcelona, Spain
11.10 Circulatory death is expected to occur following the Withdrawal of Life Sustaining Treatment (Controlled DCD)
Tineke Wind, Maastricht, The Netherlands
11.25 Unexpected circulatory death occurs following unsuccessful cardiopulmonary resuscitation (Uncontrolled DCD)
Anna Faucher, Annecy, France
11.40 - 12.00 Audience and speakers discussion  
Session 3: The Moral Maze: Upholding the overall best interests of the dying patient
  Michael Bos David Shaw Dale Gardiner Julien Charpentier
13.00 Is it ethically and legally defensible to overrule the expressed consent of the dyingpatient to be an organ donor?
For: Michael Bos, The Hague, The Netherlands
Against: David Shaw, Glasgow, United Kingdom
13.20 - 13.35 Audience and speakers discussion  
13.35 Is ethically and legally defensible to initiate and continue active treatment beyond
futility to incorporate the option of organ donation in the end-of-life care pathway?
For: Dale Gardiner, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Against: Julien Charpentier, Paris, France
13.55 - 14.10 Audience and speakers discussion  
Session 4: How can we raise awareness and engage society and the public in the deceased organ donation debate?
  Jeantine Reiger Nicholas Palmer Danica Avsec  
14.25 Advertising for donation after death: what makes a difference?
Jeantine Reiger, Leiden, The Netherlands
14.50 Social media: do the benefits outweigh the risks in engaging the public?
Patient perspective
Nicholas Palmer, Head of Advocacy at the National Kidney Federation
15.00 Donor family perspective  
15.10 Healthcare professional perspective
Danica Avsec, Ljubljana, Slovenia
15.20 Journalist perspective  
15.30 - 16.00 Audience and panel discussion  
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