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Patrizia Burra, Head of the Multivisceral Transplant Unit at Padova University Hospital, reveals what will be presented at the State-of the Art Session

Life after Transplantation: blessing or curse?

Wednesday, September 16 at 09:10 – 10:40

Liver transplantation recalls a reasonable improvement in quality of life, but still below the expectations.
A pool of experts will share and discuss about several aspects that are influencing quality of life after transplantation.

I will discuss about Sexual function and fertility after solid organ transplant: the majority of patients report an improvement of sexual function after organ transplantation, however a significant percentage still complain of sexual dysfunction and this can be an important cause of impaired post-transplant quality of life.

Christiane Kugler, Professor from Witten University will explore the quality of life in the long-term after organ transplantation: a challenging issue as most of the patients report a significant improvement of quality of life early after liver transplantation, which seems to decrease after the first year post-transplant. What are the causes and risk factors of reduced quality of life in the long-post-transplant period of time?
Pregnancy after solid organ transplant: for female transplant recipients who are in the reproductive age pregnancy is possible, but it is recommended at least 1 year after transplantation, when the graft function is stable and lower immunosuppression is normally used.
Corinne Hubinont,
Professor and co-Head of Obstetrics Department, from Saint-Luc University Hospital, will talk about the challenges and possibilities of success.

Alessandro Nanni Costa is the Director of CNT (Centro Nazionale Trapianti), he will highlight the importance of physical activity and sports in organ transplant recipients. Sport helps transplant recipients to recover, and it is a way to show the efficacy of organ transplantation. Practicing sport is definitely a way to improve post-transplant quality of life.

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