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THE “HOTT PROJECT”, a preview of the Workshop, not to be missed on Monday, 14 September, 17:00-18:00




Lerut (Chair)
Weimar (Chair)

HOTT Project Workshop: “Organ trafficking anno 2015: the latest insights”

The HOTT project is the first international research project funded by the European Commission that addresses trafficking in human beings for the purpose of organ removal. The project aims to increase knowledge and information, raise awareness and improve the non-legislative response to this new but neglected form of human trafficking. During this workshop, project researchers will reveal the latest knowledge about contemporary organ trafficking networks

Moderated by: Jan Lerut (Leuven, Belgium) and Willem Weimar (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

17:00 - 17:20 “Revealing the modus operandi of organ trafficking networks”
Martin Gunnarson,
Lund, Sweden
Martin Gunnarson is PhD candidate in ethnology at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences, Lund University, and at the Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge, Södertörn University in Sweden. He will present the results of fieldwork research that was carried out in Israel, South Africa and Kosovo concerning 2 large organ trafficking rings that organized illegal transplants in South Africa and Kosovo.
17:20 - 17:40 “Tackling organ trafficking: a prosecutor’s perspective”
Jonathan Ratel,
Pristina, Kosovo
Jonathan Ratel is a leading authority on criminal prosecutions against organ trafficking and has successfully prosecuted transplant doctors (the “Medicus Clinic”) for their involvement in organized crime and trafficking in human beings for organ removal. In this presentation, he shall discuss legal impediments to prosecutions against organ trafficking and, in particular, the issue of extra-territorial prosecutions and criminal investigations, within a clinical setting.

17:40 - 18:00 “Transplant professionals should breach their secrecy oath”
Frederike Ambagtsheer, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Frederike Ambagtsheer is the coordinator of the HOTT project and conducts research on transplant tourism at Erasmus MC (Dpt. Transplantation & Nephrology) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She will present the results of a national survey on transplant tourism from the Netherlands and will argue that transplant professionals should breach their secrecy oath so that organ trafficking networks can be investigated and prosecuted more effectively.
The moderators will facilitate an active discussion with the audience. Information about the HOTT project can be found at www.hottproject.com

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